Manage DNS

Menu - Domains - Manage DNS

If you order a domain, a DNS zone is created for it automatically.
For each VPS/DRS tariff, 5 up to zones can be created.

  1. Editing DNS records of the domain
  2. Creation of a new zone for VPS / DRS service
  3. Management of DNS records of a zone for VPS / DRS service
  4. Reverse DNS Management (PTR)

The Name field entry must end with a dot.

Reverse DNS Management (PTR)

  1. Select service from the list of ordered
  2. Select the IP address that is assigned to the service

    3.Fill in the Reverse DNS name field


1. Edit your zone
    2. Add new record, name = @ , type = NS , RDATA =
    3. Add new record, name = @ , type = NS , RDATA =
    4. Add new record, name = @ , type = NS , RDATA =

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