How to downgrade VPS packages?

Only automatic upgrades are possible for Serverhino VPS packages. For example, if you’re using the V-Duo package, the tariff plan can only be changed to V-Quattro or above. Each next VPS package has more storage space than the previous one; downgrading to a configuration with less disk space can lead to data loss.

If you want to downgrade your VPS package and migrate data to a new virtual server, leave a request. Our administrators will analyze your disk space, create a new VPS, upload reserve copies of your data and transfer it to your new server. The rate for this service depends on the volume of data that needs to be migrated. If the user has ordered the expanded or full server management service, the cost of the migration will be included in the package.

We recommend that you note the list of basic services (RAM, storage space, additional IP addresses) and the possibility of expanding them when changing the tariff plan.

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